Four Ways to Think About Educational Leadership Dispositions

What type of leader do you think you are? Many new leaders haven't thought too much about this. Is it important to consider what an effective leader is and what your leadership style might be?

The following might be of use to you as you reflect on this...

Disposition or Leadership Quality (Source: Tū Rangatira)
He Kaitiaki: Guardian
He Kaiwhakarite: Manager
He Kanohi Matara: Visionary
He Kaiako: Teacher and Learner
He Kaimahi: Worker
He Kaikōtuitui: Networker
He Kaiarataki: Advocate

Disposition or Leadership Quality (Source: Leadership BES)
Establishing goals and expectations
Resourcing Strategically
Designing, evaluating and coordinating the curriculum and teaching
Leading professional learning
Ensuring an orderly and supportive environment

Disposition or Leadership Quality (Source: ERO Evaluation Indicators, Domain 2)
Collaboratively Developing and pursuing the school’s vision, goals and targets for equity and excellence
Ensuring an orderly and supportive environment conducive to student learning and wellbeing Ensuring effective planning, coordination and evaluation of the school’s curriculum and teaching Promoting and participating in teacher learning and development
Building collective capacity to do evaluation and inquiry for sustained improvement
Building relational trust and effective collaboration at every level of the school community

Disposition or Leadership Quality (Source: Kiwi Leadership for Principals)
Leading change
Problem solving
Culture: developing shared goals and vision, honouring the Treaty
Pedagogy: create the conditions for effective teaching and learning
Systems: develop and maintain schools as learning organisations
Partnerships & Networks
Ako: being a learner
Manaakitanga: leading with moral purpose
Awhinatanga: guiding and supporting
Pono: having self belief