Teacher Voice: The Benefits of the Spiral of Inquiry

I use Story Hui to help teachers to evaluate their progress with the Spiral of Inquiry. These are some brilliant quotes from secondary teachers and middle leaders about their first year journey with Spirals...

“For me, a strength was that I was open to ideas and change. I questioned to understand the process myself, not because I was being negative. My constant questioning was me trying to understand but could have been seen as negative, whereas that has changed now. Because I see the value in this for our kids. Now I can see the impact for our learners on their journeys. I’m a believer. Yeah Yeah Yeah.”

"The whole point of Inquiry is that you can’t have an end point, it’s not part of the process, and we have to go with it. The learning that happens in that process is important. It’s never what we expect, this shows we can’t have assumptions."

"It surprised me how long it took find something that has long term impact to change, it is something that takes you through a bit of an adventure. Like a good story."

"Focusing on the theory of Spirals every step of the way through reflecting on what we’ve been through - supporting staff to have the confidence to articulate what they are doing and why."

"For years and years I tried lots of things in my classroom - the Spiral of Inquiry has made me more thoughtful and more purposeful in what do."

"I feel confident and well versed in the process and am able to communicate with other people about Spirals and the complexity of the process."

"I am now starting to see the “big picture” on how this could impact on learners and teaching."

"We are the drivers of our learning rather than being instructed or told - the evidence came from our learners."

"We are truly collaborating. I understand now what collaboration is. We used to talk about cooperation and coordination and we thought it was collaboration. This is true collaboration."