Building Your Community of Learners - A kete of resources for collaboration

If you are part of a Community of Learners, a cluster or a collaborative group of schools and ECE services, I recommend that you check out some of the resources below plus my early blogposts about collaboration to review where you're at as a collaborative group. All of these resources come from the work I do with COLs/clusters.

It doesn't matter if you're a learner, a teacher, a parent or a leaders in your group - if you check out these resources, you can pass the relevant things on to others in order to make some improvements to your collaborative practice across schools and services in 2016.

I work with communities and clusters around Aotearoa and I often find the same issues being faced by all - regardless of how long you've been together. I enjoy helping leaders and teachers to move through these challenges:

Podcasts from School Leaders

Part 1: How Did Your Cluster Start?

Part 2: What is Collaboration?

Part 3: Future Focused Collaboration - where to next?

Articles about Collaboration and Teaching as Inquiry using Spirals of Inquiry

Videos about effective collaboration

Hereora COL Leaders talk about effective collaboration (clarifying goals and plans using Spirals of Inquiry)